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We are a community of LEGO ® enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our community includes engineers, software developers, artists, teachers, coaches and LEGO involved parents. Our experience in LEGO includes preparation of FIRST LEGO League ® and FIRST LEGO League Jr ® teams, as well as World Robot Olympiad Teams. We are trained in Creative Problem Solving and LEGO Serious Play. We create curriculum that integrates themes with LEGO bricks.

We are currently at a 960 square feet creative learning, event and education space located in sunny Shoreline Village, Long Beach, California. We are committed to experiences involving LEGO ® bricks and the Maker Movement and are aligned with education through pop culture. We are a Makersville community, and are co-located with Makersville.

Our Philosophy: “Anything Can Start with LEGO Bricks”

Below you will find more information about our projects and about us. We are still updating our website post-covid, so some of the information may be out of date. Please be patient.

The Celebrate Art contest was slated for Summer 2020. We will rework it for some future time.

Find out more about the CELEBRATE ! ! ! Long Beach Art Contest!

Photo by U.S. Navy – U.S. Navy photo [1] from the USS Helena (CA-75) 1960-1961 cruise book available at Navysite.de, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=48191662

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Our Prices

Parent onsite Open Studio, $10 per child or adult *Pick up your eternal customer loyalty card while supplies last and bring it in every time for substantial discounts.

Parent onsite class series $15 per student/day most classes (classes are 4-8 weeks in length)

Drop off classes $20 per student most classes (classes are 4-8 weeks in length).

Party Prices

$200 per hour private time, up to 20 kids, 35 persons in studio at a time. Includes themed planning and both LEGO(r) and Maker activities as desired. Special prices for our Patreons.


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What is Brickersville? – Brickersville is an entertainment, discovery and learning space based around the LEGO(r) brick. To those who wish to engage as entrepreneurs we are also an entrepreneurship skills community space.

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Everyday Progressive Projects!

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Join us for one of our everyday progressive projects. Your study begins with a tour, and you choose how you would like to join us!


Photograph Shoreline Village, create characters and photograph them. Older students learn to edit the characters and photos in GIMP (open source digital editing software) and put them together into comic book scenes using LEGO Story Visualizer. Lots of file format manipulation learned!


Make animated videos using your own characters and ours, and stop motion animation techniques, then we post on our YouTube channels and you on yours!


We’re learning a little bit about the old pike and its rides and making a Contraption! The Long Beach Pike Jollyball Machine!

We’re building rides of our own!


Hat shop being built next to ice cream shop
Hat shop being built next to ice cream shop

We’re working on building Shoreline Village, one building at a time. We’ll measure and draw and photograph and model.

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Field Trips

We’re on a scavenger hunt for Long Beach history, starting with the Long Beach Pike and how it evolved over time. Students are encouraged to ask their parents and grandparents if they have memories of the Long Beach Pike before coming and bring photos to share. We will share those memories and talk about the rides and entertainment on the Long Beach Pike. Together we will craft a memory and/or make observations about the businesses on the pier, then share it on the living history site: http://www.longbeachinabox.com.

Field trips may be booked for 15 – 37 students at a time. The price is $10 per student.

Classes of more than 20 may be divided into two groups. One group will perform measurement andgather photos and information while the second group works in Shoreline Village’s Brickersville studio.

Teachers are asked to provide adult support in the ratio of 1:6 for students up to 8 years old, and 1:8 for students 8 and over. Adults will be provided with instructions for a specific task. For scheduling, please email brickersville@gmail.com or call Trish at 562-225-9589.

We are also able to arrange for a harbor tour and a snack or lunch at one of Shoreline Village’s family-friendly restaurants: Tugboat Pete’s (hot dogs, Best hamburgers ever!); Gilan Pizza and Grill; Twisters and Coffee (awesome pretzels!); The Funnel House (cookies and funnel cakes); Ice Cream on the Boardwalk; Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Sugar Daddy’s sweet shop.

Students are introduced to our progressive S.T.E.A.M. learning projects.

A Living History Project: The Long Beach Pike and Shoreline Village

It Takes a Village

Shoreline Village is so cute and colorful, I want to build it!

I’m sitting in Brickersville, our LEGO(r) brick themed space at Shoreline Village, and my mind turns to the people I’ve met here since I started Brickersville with Jesse Miller, who we call “the Honorable First Mayor of Brickersville”. I don’t suppose there ever will be a second Mayor, he does the job so well.

Shoreline Village is indeed a village. It’s a community of some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. It’s a down-to-earth group of people that tends to a variety of businesses and attractions… and the staff that supports them. The village plans festivities like the Pirate Festival. Maybe I can convince them to someday plan a LEGO(r) brick themed festival. Maybe we can call it 2×4 Day or All About Bricks. I’ll tell you about that some day.

A couple of days ago I was rearranging the shelving in the space. But, darn it, one of the little screws couldn’t come out of the poles. I took the pole downstairs, to the Pirate’s Cove souvenir shop, and a couple of the fellows there tried to help. It didn’t quite work, so we asked one of the handy folks who walk around in the bright blue shirts.

I’m not mentioning names, as I’m not sure they would want that much attention. Thank you! What would the village be without you?

Trish Tsoiasue is Squigglemom, the Game Master at Brickersville in Shoreline Village, California. Drop in for a free tour, or visit with us all afternoon for a small per person fee! 419 Q Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach, CA 90802.

Math, Technology and Building 11/09/2016

Busy day in the classroom!  Brick Math is trending, so we did our own version, with everyone participating on the board.  We learned about fractions with money, pizza (virtual) and bricks (real and virtual).

Built the hot rod in the Simple Machines LEGO(r) Education kit, invented an assembly for change of direction of motion and built part of Brick Bank!
Photos and cool video below!

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