2022 Spring Break Camp Info

We’re calling it Camp Brick Brick. It ‘s a LEGO themed camp inspired by a chicken. “Brick, brick brick brick brick” she said as she gathered LEGO bricks for the camp. Then they made activities.

In this Learn to Build, Share and Teach camp, students will be presented with projects we have created as learning opportunities that involve LEGO bricks. Participants will learn and will be encouraged to share what they have built and what they know with others..

Sessions are $25. each and include the opportunity to bridge in case you need all day support.

Our Thursday AM session will be a multi-national session.

  • Thurs 9:30-11:30 All About the 2×4 Brick
  • Thurs 1:00PM-3PM The PIke Stories GBC
  • Thurs 4PM-6PM Pull-Back Cars
  • Fri 9:30-11:30AM The Pike Stories GBC
  • Fri 1:00PM-3PM Building LIttle Villages
  • Fri 4PM-6PM Themed build challenges

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