About Brickersville

Hours: 2:00-6:00 Tues, Wed, Thurs – special events as organized.  Please reserve ahead to make sure that we are open to visitors, as we can only accommodate a limited number of participants, and we sometimes have special events and activities planned.

We are at 419 Q Shoreline Village, Long Beach, CA

Connect with us: brickersville @t gmail.com 562-225-9589

Brickersville is the LEGO(r) centric outreach of Makersville.

We believe in the engagement potential of The LEGO(r) Brick.

We believe that anything can start with LEGO(r) bricks.

We learn through discovery and sharing.

As Makers we make our own creations.  As Makers we believe in integrating other materials into our LEGO(r) creations.

As Makers we believe in the power of collaboration.

We believe that if you reach for the stars, you will probably fall, but we will get further than if we don’t.