Special Projects

Brickersville: The Show

Started in October, 2019: Brickersville: The Show is a community-designed and produced discovery in video production.

Brickersville: The Show is a discovery-based learning opportunity for children and their adults. We’re building a menagerie of creatures, finding voices and personalities! Advanced participants will work on modeling their creatures in LEGO Digital Designer or Bricklink Studio. Participants design their creatures and we feature them on the Squigglemom or Brickersville YouTube channels. You should feature them on yours, also!

Long Beach In a Box: A Living History Project – Shoreline Village and The Pike

We’re working to reconstruct memories of Shoreline Village and The Long Beach Pike, and to document newer memories, new stories both fact and fiction. A discovery based learning opportunity and exploration into local history with an actual research opportunity as we write stories that start with those memories. Follow our project here: http://www.longbeachinabox.com

Building Shoreline Village in LEGO Bricks

The Ice Cream Shoppe

We are engaging students to consider how we might build Shoreline Village in LEGO Bricks. Students work on progressive builds that are started by one group and may be finished by another.

Progressive Build

Hosting a group of International visitors.

There’s usually a progressive build going on at Brickersville! Make your models and add it to our build! Here is the Brickersville: The City progressive build after 1 month.

Shades of History: Long Beach

We’re starting with The Pike and Shoreline Village, but we suspect that we will go beyond this exploration. We’re working on writing prompts and visuals and connecting with the community through our Long Beach in a Box project.