Field Trips

Field trips may be booked for 15 – 37 students at a time. The price is $10 per student.

Classes of more than 20 may be divided into two groups. One group will perform measurement andgather photos and information while the second group works in Shoreline Village’s Brickersville studio.

Teachers are asked to provide adult support in the ratio of 1:6 for students up to 8 years old, and 1:8 for students 8 and over. Adults will be provided with instructions for a specific task. For scheduling, please email or call Trish at 562-225-9589.

We are also able to arrange for a harbor tour and a snack or lunch at one of Shoreline Village’s family-friendly restaurants: Tugboat Pete’s (hot dogs, Best hamburgers ever!); Gilan Pizza and Grill; Twisters and Coffee (awesome pretzels!); The Funnel House (cookies and funnel cakes); Ice Cream on the Boardwalk; Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Sugar Daddy’s sweet shop.

Students are encouraged to help with our progressive community discovery projects:

A Living History Project: The Long Beach Pike and Shoreline Village

Partial model of the Cyclone Racer by Larry Osterhoudt.
Partial model of the Cyclone Racer by Larry Osterhoudt.

We’re on a scavenger hunt for Long Beach history, starting with the Long Beach Pike and how it evolved over time. Students are encouraged to ask their parents and grandparents if they have memories of the Long Beach Pike before coming and bring photos to share. We will share those memories and talk about the rides and entertainment on the Long Beach Pike. Together we will craft a memory and/or make observations about the businesses on the pier, then share it on the living history site:

We will work on building our own carousels and ferris wheels using LEGO power functions.

Building Shoreline Village in LEGO Bricks

Hat shop being built next to ice cream shop
Hat shop being built next to ice cream shop

Picturesque Shoreline Village begs to be built in LEGO Bricks, and we’re working on it. Students will walk around the village and photograph, measure, lay out, draw and work on the progressive model of Shoreline Village in LEGO bricks. We won’t be able to finish in one go, but the task of building the village provides the students with a sense of place and a task that engages. They will learn techniques in building with LEGO and re-create the village in their own way.

They are creating their own memory of Shoreline Village, one that they can document, photograph and in the future, recall.

Shoreline Village’s Brickersville: The Comic

Students are invited to model the file for digital manipulation and positioning.

Students’ photos and those photos in our digital library are brought together alongside our characters. Students will layer the characters to create their own versions of Brickersville: The Show comic pages.

Shoreline Village’s Brickersville the Show: Video

What would these characters sound like when your students design them? How will they move? What are their personalities?

Students are encouraged to bring their cameras for photograph or to use ours.

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