Open Design Studio

Visitors are advised to reserve their Open Design Studio time to avoid being disappointed. Reserve here.

Brick creatives and artists are welcome in our Open Design Studio. We have a number of ongoing projects that need your help, or create your own project!

*Free tours during our regular business hours!  See our Info page for regular hours or call us to request a free tour for your group.

Register for an Open Design Studio session Just $10 per session!

Or register on Patreon for monthly passes and specials: Starting from Just $10!

**Be part of Art as you build and prepare with our LEGO bricks!  Build on any open day as we work on our next Quarterly All About Bricks Showcase.

Meet one of our Brick artists and join in our program.

Squigglemom, the Game Master; NZ Fawkes, Director of Bricking; The Honorable First Mayor of Brickersville, Jesse Miller.