Celebrate ! ! ! International Art Contest Guidelines


For updates and clarifications to these guidelines, please see Q&A.

Submission Dates: April 15th through August 1st.
Mailed Entries must be received on or before July 15th. Entries made at the convention must be registered by July 31st and checked in on August 1st by 9:00 AM.

The Contest Organizers (Brickersville, Makersville and parent ETES Inc.) are working to create a collection of works that they can use in original or derivative form and which they can make available to those who might be inspired to use them as they create stories, visual images, videos and other works.

Please initial the ‘Please Include Me’ space on the entry form so that we know whether or not you agree that we can include your art in our collection. There is no guarantee that any artwork will be included in the collection, and there is no guarantee when the collection will be published.

By entering this contest and initialing the ‘Please Include Me’ space on the entry form, you are providing contest organizers with the right to use your artwork in original or derivative form, for any purposes, commercial or otherwise, and with permission to disseminate your artwork in any way they choose, individually or in a collection, to others as they create their own, derivative works. You are providing all who might use your work with permission to use your artwork in a derivative form, for any purposes, commercial or otherwise.

The term “collaborating groups” refers to those groups that are both helping to promote the competition and acknowledged by Brickersville as collaborating groups. No responsibility of the collaborating groups is either accepted or implied.

Format and Submissions:

Competition Category
Theme Park Ride or Attraction
Entertainment Zone Activity
Long Beach Pike Jolllyball Machine (special LEGO(r) category)
Presentation Format
2 Dimensional (Drawing, painting, LEGO mosaic, comic, paper, fabric)
3 Dimensional (LEGO model, cardboard model, sewing project, diorama, greatball contraption module, digital 3-D)
Written word
  • Art submissions must fit the theme. Read the theme for this year’s contest.
  • All ages may apply. Winners will be announced in the following categories; Under 8 years of age, 8-12, 13-17, 18 and over.
  • Mail in entries are individual only, but mail-in entrants may request participation on a team. No guarantee of team assignment can be made.
  • There are individual and team entries (up to 6 individuals). Teams may be family teams. Individuals are encouraged to participate on a team, which can be formed at our convention the week preceding the event.
  • All team entries must have at least one representative participating at the convention.
  • Entrants presenting onsite will be assigned to booths or tables and will assume onsite responsibility (shared by all artists presenting at the same booth) of their respective works.
  • The work must be the sole work of the individual, except in team entries, where works must be the sole work of the team members.
  • Entries are accepted from any country in the world except where prohibited by law.
  • Each person may enter up to 2 pieces of art. Each piece of art may be included in up to one team entry. Each artist may participate on only one team.
  • You may look at photographs or other art for ideas, but are expected to respect the copyright and trademark of others. Specifically, LEGO Minifigures and the LEGO word are trademarks of the LEGO Group and may not be included in submissions in non-descriptive form. Cyclone Racer The World’s Greatest Ride is a word mark of Larry Osterhoudt.
  • Maximum size of 2-dimensional art is 36″ x 36”.  There is no minimum size.
  • Maximum size of physical 3-dimensional individual entries is 15″ L x 15″ Wx 24″ H
  • Maximum size of physical 3-dimensional team entries is 48″ L x 48″ W x 36″ H
  • There is no maximum size on digital 2-D and 3-D entries.
  • All submissions must be suitable for all audiences. The organizers reserve the right to reject entries that may violate trademark and copyright law, are political, promote hate or contain gratuitously violent, sexually suggestive, vulgar, or otherwise explicitly offensive.

Preparing Your Entry:

Once your artwork is completed, please package with identifying information (and so that it is not damaged) and mail it to:

Makersville, 5318 E. 2nd Street #647, Long Beach, CA 90803

It is not necessary to mat or frame the artwork, but those who will be participating in the onsite show are responsible for their show presentation.

The organizers accept no responsibility for artwork damaged or lost in shipping.

How to Enter:

Option 1: Submit your entry by mail

  1. Download and print an Entry Form. If submitting multiple entries, fill out an entry form for each entry.
  2. Write your name, age, country and the name of your art piece on the back in pencil. Complete one form for each entry.
  3. Mail your entry together with your entry fee (or a printout of your payment by credit card), to Makersville.. Remember to include an entry fee for each piece of artwork—they may be combined onto one check. For online payments, please click here.
  4. Mail to: Makersville, 5318 E. 2nd Street #647, Long Beach, CA 90803
  5. If you would like to pay for your entry online, you may do so at the registration website, then print a copy of your payment receipt and include with your entry.

Option 2: Submit your entry in person

  1. If you are bringing your entry to the convention, you must register to participate in the contest by July 31st, 2020 and set up your entry by 9 AM on August 1st, 2020. (this date may be adjusted by contest organizers)
  2. Convention Registration details will be posted by 2/15/2020.


All entrants will be acknowledged with an emailed certificate of participation.

All entrants who contribute to the catalog of works by initialing the ‘Please Include Me’ space on the entry form will be provided access to the catalog of submitted entries. While it is our intent to make the catalog available online indefinitely, we plan on making the catalog available for at least 1 month after the judging period.

Contest winners will receive certificates recognizing their place in the contest, as well as award ribbons.

Those participating in the conference onsite will be eligible to win specially designed trophies and/or other prizes.

Where the Contest Profits Go

All contest profits and profits from the sales of mailed artwork, those works displayed onsite that are not picked up at the event and profits from the sale of products that make direct and indirect (derivative) use of submitted artwork will be used by the contest organizers in programs to empower artists and other creatives as they provide creative and educational services and equipment/materials to schools, needy individuals and/or low-income students.

What Happens to My Artwork?

Mailed-in and in-person artwork received by their respective deadlines will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Conference artwork and selected mailed artwork will be available for public display.

Artists retain the rights to publish and sell copies of their original images, derivative works and stories.

By entering the contest, you are permitting the Contest organizers, their staff and volunteers and their collaborating organizations permission to post photos that may include your works (in whole or in part) online and in print form for their media coverage, press releases and social media presences, including on video, blogs, facebook, instagram, pinterest and any other social media outlets they may use.

By entering this contest and initialing the ‘Please Include Me’ space on the entry form, artists are providing permission to contest organizers :

-the freedom to use the work in its original or derivative form for any purpose, with credit to the artist.

-the freedom to use the work itself (in either original or derivative form) on any media (e.g. paper, fabric, LEGO bricks, video, other digital form), with credit to the artist.

-permission to share copies of their work for any purpose, with credit to the artist.

-Contest organizers will attempt to contact the artist by email at the time of or prior to media release, publication or use, but accept no responsibility for inaccurately recorded emails.

-Additionally, artists are providing permission to contest organizers to to include their art in a digital creative collection under terms equivalent to a CC-BY-SA license. A CC-BY-SA license provides permission to others to use the work for inclusion, remixing and other deriatives of the original work, including commerce.

Artists acknowledge that not all entries may be included in the collection, and some video/digital entries may be trimmed or downgraded. No guarantee of the quality of the stored image will be made. Two-dimensional items 11″ x 17″ or smaller will be scanned. Two-dimensional images larger than 11″ x 17″ will be photographed. Three dimensional images will be photographed and possibly also videotaped.

Artist agrees to release contest organizers, their employees, volunteers, successors and collaborating organizations from any liability related to the submitted works and their use, regardless of actual or perceived value.

Those attending the competition and wishing to keep their creations must remove their works by 6PM on August 1st.

Mailed in entries will not be returned.

Onsite entries not picked up by 6PM on August 1st will be considered abandoned and will not be returned.

Mailed in and abandoned entries may be sold, auctioned, donated to another organization, used as references to inspire students, as materials to create derivative works, as decoration at the festival and shown at other conferences.

By entering this contest, you are releasing contest organizers and its volunteers, collaborating organizers, and users of the collection from any liability, financial or otherwise, related to the handling and disposition of your submitted art piece(s).

Entry Fees:

Each individual may enter up to 2 pieces of art. Each piece requires a separate Entry Fee and Entry Form. Multiple entries may be mailed in the same envelope and the multiple entry fees may be included on one check or money order.

Anyone who has earned less than $500 US dollars from sale or use of their artwork in the previous 12 months is considered not a professional.

Not a professional (any ages)$10.00 per entry
Professional or semi-professional (any ages) $25.00 per entry
Access to catalog (for entrants who exclude their artwork)$25.00 per entry

If mailing, please pay via a check drawn on a US bank, or money order made payable to “Makersville” with a note of “Art Contest” in the memo line.  Foreign checks are not accepted.  Payments by credit card may be made here.

Contact the Contest Coordinator if you have any questions regarding payment: brickersville@gmail.com


Contest organizers reserve the right to adjust this timeline.

  • February 1: Theme announced
  • April 15: Contest opens.
  • July 15: Mail in contest closes. All entries must be received. Please note that overseas postage handling may require 4-8 weeks for delivery of packages.
  • July 25-July 31: In person artists’ workshops and tours.
  • July 31: Conference entries registration must be received.
  • August 1: Conference attendee setup by 9AM.
  • August 1: Judging
  • August 1: Results decided/announced by judging panel
  • August 1: Award Ceremony
  • August 30: Results emailed to all participants.
  • September 30: Winners and Honorable Mentions posted online. Awards mailed to winners.
  • October 30: Access to collection of works provided to all contest participants.


  • Pieces will be judged on originality, artistry, and adherence to the theme.
  • A panel of judges selected by contest organizers will judge both the preliminary and final rounds. The judging panel is comprised of local professional and amateur artists with concentrations in watercolors, portraits, landscapes, pastels, sketches, graphic art, comic book design and publishing, LEGO modeling, mechanical engineering, writing and other related fields.
  • The decision of the judges is final.

Other information:

  • If an artists’ work is used in a publication by contest organizers (or one of their collaborating organizations), organizers will attempt to contact the artist using the email provided and will receive full credit.
  • By entering this contest you agree that contest organizers, collaborating organizations, staff and volunteers will not be held liable for illegible or unreadable entry forms, accidental use of images and errors and mistakes in documenting artist information.
  • All judgments are final and interpretations of the guidelines are at contest organizers’ sole discretion.
  • Adjustments to and clarification of guidelines may be made by contest organizers at any time.
  • Contest organizers reserve the right to cancel this contest without cause. If cancellation is made, all funds will be returned (or checks destroyed) with the exception of third party services charges made to us on behalf of the contestant for registration or refund processing.

Interested in sponsoring a contest? ? If you or your company is interested in partnering with us to continue offering this unique opportunity to a global community of talented individuals, contact the Contest Coordinator brickersville@gmail.com